Pulse 365 CPD modules: Delivering expert education to GPs

Pulse 365 provides our community of GPs with CPD spanning over 20 clinical areas. By sponsoring a module, clients can deliver specialised, high-quality education to GPs on various clinical…

Healthcare Leader’s Sustainability Report

After having looked at leadership, workforce and AI, Healthcare Leader has taken a deep dive into NHS environmental sustainability and its Net Zero target to review progress so…

Educational symposium support at an international congress

Cogora supported the development and delivery of two educational symposia at the 21st International Congress of Endocrinology in Dubai.

Evidence compendia – summarising science

Cogora supported the copy creation and design of two evidence compendia, which focused on detection of human papillomavirus in cervical cancer screening and the identification and management of…

Clinical Excellence in Respiratory Care

Delivering clinical excellence to members of secondary care within respiratory care.

Pulse PCN digital transformation roundtable

Pulse PCN’s latest roundtable, Digital transformation: PCN progress so far, brings together clinical directors and digital transformation leads (DTLs) to discuss the impact and success that the DTL…

The Pharmacist: Pharmacy First zone

With rapid expansion of the pharmacists’ role in patient care and the supply of treatments, The Pharmacist launched a Pharmacy First zone on the website, focused on new…

Delivering education in neurology via Pulse sponsored events

Reaching our audience of GPs via Pulse face-to-face and virtual events to deliver educational seminars on treatment options.

RX prescription targeting

Utilising prescription trends to deliver targeted messaging to HCPs.

Engaging nurses interested in oncology

The campaign strategically targeted primary care nurses interested in oncology to promote a patient treatment option, aiming to optimise engagement by focusing on the most pertinent audience segment.

Pulse PCN Cardiovascular Disease Roundtable

The Pulse PCN Cardiovascular Disease roundtable brought clinical directors and cardiovascular leads together to discuss how networks are delivering on this service.

Driving engagement through Interactive InReads

Interactive InReads offer Cogora clients an attention-guaranteed ad placement, across all our brands.

Management in Practice Salary Survey report

In 2024, Management in Practice published a pay report, ‘Practice Manager Salary Survey 2023/24: gauging the state of the profession’, produced in association with MCG Healthcare.

Targeting for enhanced engagement in oncology campaign

By targeting our audience of primary care nurses and secondary care HCPs with an interest in oncology, this campaign saw a significant uplift in engagement.

Hosted content targeting primary care leaders

To raise awareness of point of care testing (POTC) amongst primary care leaders, we developed a sponsored education page to be promoted via Healthcare Leader and Pulse PCN.

IOTOD Winter Webinar

Following on from the success of the 2023 webinar series, the Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (IOTOD) Winter webinar took place in February 2024, and…

Besins Testosterone Deficiency platform

An educational hub was designed to support and upskill UK prescribers in testosterone deficiency care.

50:50 bespoke emails

To engage our extensive community of primary healthcare professionals about dermatology for elderly patients.

HCM Academy 2023

Now in its third year, the 2023 HCM Academy programme consisted of free CME primary and secondary care webinars, and educational resources, covering key HCM issues and topics.

Pulse sponsored information page

To help raise awareness of the new cholesterol lowering QOF indicators amongst GPs and other healthcare professionals, we recommended development of a sponsored educational hub on Pulse.

Point of care targeting

Cogora digital campaigns are now increasingly integrating our 1st -party data with 3rd– party NHS data to segment and target healthcare professional audiences according to specific client requirements…

Besins Menopause Roadshow

Organised and hosted by Cogora, the Besins Menopause Roadshow consisted of five face-to-face day meetings across the UK.

IOTOD Summer webinar 2023

The Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Opioid Dependence (IOTOD) summer webinar took place in September 2023, covering individual responses to treatment, and using quality of life variables…

Educational handbook for hospital pharmacists

Written and designed by Cogora, this educational handbook provides hospital pharmacists with invaluable insight into autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases.