To deliver targeted digital messaging about treatment options for patients with type 2 diabetes to small, highly defined cohorts of GPs and practice pharmacists working in specific Integrated Care Boards (ICB).

Our approach

Cogora interrogated NHS prescription data histories for a selected pharmaceutical intervention at specific ICBs, which were then matched against GP practice, and associated GP and pharmacy clinicians within Cogora’s Pulse and Pharmacist communities. Once completed and a series of highly targeted cohorts of GPs and pharmacists isolated, a series of email sends were deployed each utilising different copy content tailored to its recipient community based on their corresponding behaviour profiles.

The emails content featured information on the benefits of the treatment option and related guidelines in the local region. Emails also focused on the number of patients in the corresponding ICB that have type two diabetes and are being prescribed the intervention in question.

Some emails cohorts included an audience as small as 50-target clinicians. This ensured the message reached the right audience, maximising the efficiency, impact, and return of the campaign for the client.

The results generated were fantastic, well above benchmark.


  • 25% uplift in the email open rate
  • 4.1% uplift in the email click through rate

The emails sent via Pulse generated a 25% uplift in the open rate, compared to the benchmark, and 4.1% for the click through rate. Those sent via The Pharmacist in Practice then generated a 27.7% open rate increase, and 25.8% for the click through rate.

Detailed reports were shared throughout the campaign showing reach and engagement to help optimise future campaigns.

Cogora’s Audience Platform provides an effective way of targeting healthcare professionals, providing efficiencies in budget, delivery, and insight, to empower all activity to the highest level of success. Other targeting options across online and email campaigns include by job titles, geography, prescription data, clinical content, workplace, programmatic, sequential and A/B testing.