Our client, a pharmaceutical company, sought to promote their cancer drug through a strategic and highly targeted digital marketing campaign.

With a focus on targeting, the goal was to reach and engage relevant healthcare professionals with an interest in oncology, ensuring maximum impact for the promotion of their drug. The primary objective was to cut through the noise of generic marketing and deliver tailored content to audiences with an interest in cancer-related topics.

Our approach

We pride ourselves on seamlessly integrating multiple data sets – first- and third-party data sources – to meticulously segment audiences according to our clients’ unique requirements.

This campaign utilised two of our avaialble targeting options, clinical content, and prescription targeting, and was delivered via Nursing in Practice, Hospital Pharmacy Europe and Hospital Healthcare Europe.

Spanning over 30 therapy areas, our clinical content offers editorial led, information rich education resources. By choosing to target users who have specified an interest in oncology, or consumed oncology content, this campaign was able to directly target primary care nurses, secondary care HCPs based on their consumption habits, with tailored marketing messages.

The campaign also targeted HCPs at practices and hospitals which prescribe their competitor drug to help increase market share.


  • 145% uplift in click through rates

The campaign significantly outperformed our benchmark click through rate – an uplift of 145% – serving creatives targeted to the intended audience. This approach ensured the campaign reached a highly relevant audience, resulting in enhanced brand awareness.

Our client was kept up to date with performance metrics via monthly campaign engagement reports, allowing for the opportunity to tweak creatives if necessary.

Other available targeting options across our media brands include point of care locations, list matching and programmatic. These can be combined with others, to then be applied to our wide range of advertising options.