Using the new Interactive InRead, high impact ad placement, this campaign sought to drive traffic and registrations for a live event.

Our approach

Placed within the middle of all articles on the site, this ad placement includes an image, a statement/question, and up to six links for users to choose between, to then drive traffic to a website or resource of your choice.

The team used an attention-grabbing design that would make effective use of the ad placement’s large image space. It was able to include all key information – including the event name, date and time, a compelling description, and a past attendee testimonial.

Six clickable buttons, with different click through links, were then displayed under the image. These buttons allow users to actively engage with the ad, driving traffic to read further information about the event, the agenda, speakers, and ultimately a call to action to register.

Interactive InReads are avaialble across all our media brands, Pulse, Pulse PCN, Nursing in Practice, The Pharmacist, Management in Practice, Healthcare Leader, Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe, and can either be used as a traffic driver, or to help gather insight as a snapshot poll.

As a snapshot poll, the ad placement can ask our audience of healthcare professionals a question with up to six ‘responses’ to choose from, providing valuable insight and feedback.


The Interactive InRead effectively generated buzz and excitement around the live event, resulting in a significant increase in brand visibility and awareness within the target audience. The campaign successfully drove traffic to the event website and registration page, exceeding initial expectations and contributing to a higher attendance rate.

This success translated into a positive return on investment, demonstrating the effectiveness of interactive, high-impact ad placements in achieving campaign objectives.