Refining the market access strategy for an orphan drug

Based on payers’ feedback and an in-house data review, Cogora produced an in-depth strategy report with recommendations for how our client could increase uptake of their product.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK approached Cogora to help increase awareness of the latest NICE guidance, ‘Practical perspectives on safety netting in suspected cancer’, and provide our audience of healthcare…

Care UK

Care UK worked with Cogora in order to fill their GP vacancies on our recruitment site Pulse GP Jobs, part of our media brand, Pulse. 


The Primary Care Respiratory Academy, improving best practice in respiratory care, is an exciting new long-term educational initiative developed through a partnership between Cogora and the Primary Care Respiratory…

How stable is stable enough?

Through our media brand, Hospital Pharmacy Europe, we were able to create, market and manage a satellite symposium at a European oncology pharmacy congress, targeted towards our audience…


By sponsoring an online hub on PulseToday, Lipotrim were able to advertise their pharmacy weight management to our community of general practitioners. 

a2 Milk

Our campaign on Pulse, our GP media brand, successfully provided our audience guidance for managing milk intolerance’s, as well as generating significant exposure and awareness about a2 Milk and…

ThermoFisher Scientific

  We ran a successful campaign for ThermoFisher Scientific targeted to our communities of general practitioners and practice nurses, leading to 2,900 webinar views. 

Alere Afinion

By creating an animated video that highlighted the key benefits of Alere Afinion CRP, we were able to deliver high quality leads of commissioners to help drive sales. 

NHS England

We were able to generate significant exposure for Patient Online, an NHS England programme, through our GP media brand, Pulse.

Prostate Cancer UK

We ran a successful campaign on Nursing in Practice, generating significant exposure and awareness for Prostate Cancer UK,  leading to their CPD module being completed 630 times.


We were able to generate high quality GP practice manager leads for Wesleyan financial services.  

Henry Schein

An online marketing campaign was put in place to drive traffic to the Henry Schein’s Medical Store. 

Informing the business strategy of a CSU

Drawing on our community of over 10,500 highly engaged commissioners, Cogora conducted a two-step market research project.


The campaign generated significant exposure and awareness for the brand, as well as delivering insightful guidance and resources to our community of general practitioners.

How important is the safe handling of hazardous drugs?

How important is the safe handling of hazardous drugs? Why does the uptake of closed system transfer devices remain low in Europe, and what can be done about…


We were able to generate significant exposure and awareness for ElectroCore’s latest device, through our GP media brand Pulse.

Spacelabs Healthcare

PCM Healthcare helped develop a new site for Spacelabs Healthcare, with a design that would differentiate the brand from competitors.

Informing the optimal marketing channels for a new GP service

We produced a set of recommendations for how to best market the new service using a multi-channel approach.

Providing data to form basis for a peer-reviewed academic article

Cogora distributed an online survey to our audience of 12,000 highly engaged European hospital pharmacists to collect data on drug shortages.