ElectroCore approached Cogora seeking to create an awareness campaign for their Augmented Reality application. The app was designed to educate about the treatment of primary headache disorders in an interactive format.

The GammaCore device is the first of its kind: a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator (nVNS) that uses proprietary electrical signals to treat primary headache.

Our approach

To maximise their reach, ElectroCore sponsored an online hub on PulseToday as well as sponsoring a CPD module on Pulse Learning.

An online hub for GammaCore was created on PulseToday with sponsored content to deliver insightful guidance about nVNS, awareness of the app and how it works. An instructional video for the app was included, as well as links to the App store and to their website for further information.

With over half a million page views every month, the PulseToday website is a great option for clients seeking to engage with our growing GP audience.

ElectroCore also sponsored a CPD module, ‘Key questions on vagus nerve stimulation’, on Pulse Learning. The module discusses when to consider vagal nerve stimulation, the evidence for its effectiveness and conditions that could potentially be managed with the treatment.


The one year campaign delivered valuable information and resources about nVNS to our community of general practitioners, as well as generating significant exposure and awareness about the GammaCore Augmented Reality app.