The team working in MMS, a media and marketing agency managing the account for Benecol approached Cogora seeking to increase brand awareness for their cholesterol-lowering efficacy of plant stanols in Benecol® foods within our GP community.

Our approach

Benecol hosted a roundtable based on the new EAS guidelines and produced a Practical Guide as an output. This guide was used by Cogora to create and produce a webinar presented by Dr. Alan Begg discussing how this new guidance will affect GP practices. The video takes a look at the options in primary care for lowering patient’s serum cholesterol and looks at how GPs identify people with raised cholesterol in general practice, the effective options for lowering cholesterol and how GPs communicate these to their patients, especially those with cardiovascular disease or those at high risk of developing the disease.

A hub for Benecol was created on the PulseToday website hosting resources and clinical studies together with the roundtable webinar aiming to raise awareness within the Pulse GP community. In this dual branded dedicated area, the Benecol team placed all GP specific material for their product including articles, images, PDFs and links to their site.

To support and drive traffic to the hub, Cogora produced a series of online ads and included sponsored information on their Pulse Daily newsletter distributed every day to more than 21,000 GPs in the UK. In addition, a print advert was included in the Nursing in Practice magazine, the resource for practice nurses and with a current circulation of 10,050 nurses in the UK.


  • 1,007 video plays
  • 224 webinar page views
  • 1,046 hub page views

The campaign generated significant exposure and awareness for the brand, as well as delivering insightful guidance and resources to our community of general practitioners.