Our client wanted to fund (at arm’s length) an educational initiative supporting the opioid dependence community towards long-term recovery by making high-quality, unbiased education available to all.

Our approach

We created a website, My Treatment My Choice, which provides information and support to opioid users and their loved ones empowering them with the options to tackle opioid dependence. Launched in 2011, the website is currently available in 16 European languages.

My Treatment My Choice reached out to opioid users and patients – as well as their friends and families – on a massive scale through an integrated online and offline dissemination and promotion strategy.

The website provides an easy-to-use portal providing a wealth of information on opioid dependence, a ‘spotting the signs of dependence’ quiz, 24 motivational video stories of survival from users, ex-users and affected families and more than 200 eye-catching campaign materials across 16 languages such as posters, wallet cards and booklets.


  • 24 organisations partnering with or endorsing the campaign
  • 50,099 unique visitors to the website
  • 194,336 page views on the website
  • 14,913 YouTube video views
  • 111 websites linking to the My Treatment My Choice website
  • 215 German organisations ordering materials
  • 14,500 materials disseminated in Germany

More than 50,000 unique visitors have visited the main campaign website alone. The campaign has helped tens of thousands of patients and their families find the information they need: 67% of website users feel better informed and 63% feel better able to tackle opioid dependence.