Our client wanted to refine the market access strategy for one of their orphan drugs. To accomplish this, they needed to understand the barriers to uptake, payers’ data requirements in the orphan indication and payer’s attitudes to a health economic data pack they had developed to support negotiations.

Our approach

Cogora conducted an advisory board with European payers to identify the factors that were currently hindering uptake,current unmet needs and perceived gaps in the clinical and health-economic data available for the orphan drug.

We also facilitated an in-depth pressure test of the health economic data pack our client had previously developed.


Based on payers’ feedback and an in-house data review, Cogora produced an in-depth strategy report with recommendations for how our client could increase uptake of their product.

The report included detailed feedback on how to strengthen the clinical and health economic case for their product,how to better justify specific analyses used to underpin key value messages, the demand for and expected impact

of additional market access tools such as cost-calculators and, finally, additional services that could improve uptake such as novel supply solutions and alternative payment schemes.