Our client wished to advertise their new service, aimed at general practices, via Cogora’s brands but was unsure of whether to focus marketing on GP partners or practice managers.

In addition, the client was not sure how to best split their marketing budget across different media channels in order to ensure maximal return on investment.

Our approach

Cogora conducted a quantitative survey with practice managers and GP partners to understand the relative influence that each of these professional groups had on the decision to purchase our client’s service.

The survey further probed on how GP partners and practice managers preferred to learn about the type of service our client was offering.


Based on the survey data, Cogora outlined the supplementary roles of GP partners and practice managers when researching and deciding whether or not to purchase the type of service our client was offering.

The survey data also highlighted differences in how the two professional groups preferred to access information relating to the service being marketed.

Based on the insights gained from the survey, Cogora produced a set of recommendations for how to best market the new service using a multi-channel approach tailored to roles and requirements of both GP partners and practice managers.