a2 Milk approached Cogora for the opportunity sponsor an online hub on PulseToday in order to increase the visibility of their product and raise awareness of its benefits.

a2 Milk is a fresh cows’ milk free from A1 beta casein. Research demonstrates that A1 beta casein, found in regular cows’ milk, digests differently and can cause digestive and wider health issues in some people.

Our approach

A hub was created on the PulseToday providing information about a2 Milk, the management of milk intolerance and evidence from two randomised controlled trials done to assess the effects of a2 Milk compared with 100% A1 beta-casein milk.

In addition, three videos were featured,  as well as a presentation, a nutrition journal, a webinar, and content for both health professionals and patients which could be downloaded from the hub.

An online marketing campaign was put in place to drive traffic to the hub, including a series of online ads and newsletters. With over half a million page views every month, PulseToday is a great option for clients seeking to raise awareness amongst our GP audience.


The campaign delivered valuable information and resources to our community of GPs, as well as generating significant exposure and awareness about a2 Milk and its’ health benefits.