The campaign sought to promote a patient treatment option to a specific subset of HCPs, namely primary care nurses with an interest in oncology. This targeted approach aimed to maximise engagement by reaching the most relevant audience segment.

Our approach

Spanning over 30 therapy areas, clinical content across our media brands offer editorial led, information rich education resources. The Nursing in Practice Cancer Zone delivers general practice and community nurses the latest updates and clinical advice.

Utilising Cogora’s first party data, this campaign targeted Nursing in Practice users who had specified an interest, or consumed content related to cancer, facilitating the opportunity to directly reach a specific group of HCPs based on their consumption habits.

A variety of online ads were strategically placed across Nursing in Practice Cancer content, promoting a treatment option for advanced-stage bowel cancer. By aligning the ad placements with relevant content, the campaign aimed to capture the attention of the target audience at the right moment, and with the right messaging.

The Nursing in Practice audience can prescribe and are trained to deal with complex clinical cases, becoming a vital resource for clients who want to get close to the clinical decision-makers.


This campaign illustrates a strategic and effective approach to promoting a patient treatment option to nurses with an interest in oncology. The online ads served across Nursing in Practice Cancer content far exceeded benchmarks – with a 159% uplift in click through rates.

Detailed reports were shared throughout the campaign showing reach and engagement to help optimise future campaigns, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

The success of the campaign highlights the efficacy of Cogora’s Audience Platform in leveraging data-driven targeting options, reaching HCPs and delivering impactful marketing messages.

For more information about Cogora’s Audience Platform, and other targeting options, including point of care locations, prescription data, list matching, programmatic, sequential and A/B testing, contact us today.