Besins Healthcare (UK), a global market leader in the provision of men’s and women’s health products, sought to introduce a series of on-demand resources and educational webinars.

Our approach

The Testosterone Deficiency platform was built to host a series of educational resources, including recorded webinars and audio soundbites.

The educational hub strove to provide entry level education on testosterone deficiency. The resources prioritised the goal to improve clinical confidence to identify testosterone deficiency and help men navigate this condition.

Similar to the Besins Menopause Roadshow and on-demand platform, Cogora assumed responsibility for all aspects of concept/branding,  website development, design of online materials and marketing assets.

Our marketing team promoted the hub to our audience of GPs via Pulse – the most widely read non-reference journal among GPs (GPMS 2023) – using a series of high impact ad placements and bespoke emails.

Besins were able to stay up to date with progress on website traffic, on-demand video plays and marketing tactics via a bespoke analytics dashboard.


  • 2,000+ page views

The Besins Testosterone Deficiency platform generated 2,000 page views, and the team are now in discussion with Besins for plans in 2024.