Our client wanted to raise awareness of the new cholesterol lowering QOF indicators amongst GPs and other healthcare professionals, and, in so doing, highlight how their product can help practices achieve the targets.

Our approach

Across our media brands, clients can host sponsored content. These pages can be a simple hosted PDFs, or more bespoke builds with up to six tabs, and can include a variety of content including text, videos, podcasts, images, and hosted materials.

We recommended development of a sponsored educational hub – hosted via our market-leading GP media brand, Pulse – which would centre on a highly practical Quick Guide, designed to aid primary care HCPs in their efforts to address lipid optimisation in secondary prevention.

Leveraging our pre-existing network of primary care KOLs, we commissioned a key opinion leader to author the resource and bring their expert perspective to the importance of cholesterol lowering to improve cardiovascular outcomes, as well as the contractual requirement (via QOF) for primary care to identify high-risk patients.

Over the six-month hosting period, a variety of digital traffic drivers were deployed to promote the sponsored education hub, quick guide and additional client resources. This included run of site online ads, a mobile overlay, in content ‘breaking news’ ads and contextual targeting across our Pulse primary care cardiology content. All the digital tactics performed well, particularly the mobile overlay which generated a click through rate of 21.2% – well above our benchmark of ~4% – 9%.

In addition, to help ensure high levels of engagement across the sponsored content, the hub was promoted via our (editorially driven) Pulse newsletters, as well as being spotlighted across the Pulse website, including the homepage and cardiology clinical content zone. Overall, these organic traffic drivers drove over 12% of traffic.

Our client was kept up to date with performance metrics for the sponsored hub, quick guide and other content items – as well as performance of the digital marketing campaign employed to promote the hub – via monthly campaign engagement reports.


  • 6,300+ page views

Over the course of six months, the sponsored page generated over 6,300 page views by target GP and primary care audiences, with the average time spent on the page exceeding 1 minute 15.

These fantastic results clearly demonstrate the validity of the tactical recommendations made by Cogora, evidencing our deep understanding of how to engage GPs and primary care audiences, and the unrivalled access conferred by the Pulse brand.

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