Our client wanted to raise awareness amongst primary care leaders of their new point of care testing (POTC) diagnostic system.

Our approach

Across our media brands, clients can host sponsored content. These pages can be a simple hosted PDFs, or more bespoke build with up to six tabs, and can contain a variety of content including text, videos, podcasts, images, and hosted materials.

We recommended development of a sponsored education page – hosted via our media brand, Healthcare Leader, and to be promoted to our community of primary care leaders via Healthcare Leader and Pulse PCN.

The page was designed to show primary care leaders how the testing platform can support improving patient care, and efficiencies by making tests results actionable in a shorter time frame.

Over the twelve-month hosting period, the page was marketed via Healthcare Leader and Pulse PCN with a variety of digital traffic drivers, showcasing our ability to reach multiple groups of healthcare professionals within one campaign. Tactics included run of site online ads, bespoke emails, and a paid social media campaign via Twitter.

All digital tactics performed well, particularly the bespoke emails which exceeded our click through rate benchmarks.

In addition, to help ensure high levels of engagement across the sponsored content, the hub was promoted via our (editorially driven) Healthcare Leader newsletters, as well as being spotlighted across the Healthcare Leader website, including the homepage. These organic traffic drivers generated fantastic  engagement, accounting for 10% of traffic alone.

Our client was kept up to date with performance metrics for the sponsored page, and other content items – as well as performance of the digital marketing campaign employed to promote the hub – via monthly campaign engagement reports.


  • 2,200+ page views

During the twelve-month hosting time, the sponsored page generated over 2,200 page views.

These results demonstrate the validity of the tactical recommendations made by Cogora, evidencing our deep understanding of how to engage primary care leaders, and our unrivalled access.

Healthcare Leader offers the latest news, interviews, features, roundtables, and case studies focused on primary care at a system level in Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and their places. Pulse PCN delivers news, views, insight, and roundtables to primary care network clinical directors.