To create and distribute an independent educational handbook resource on autoimmune and immune-mediated diseases, aimed at our community of hospital pharmacists.

Our approach

Using Cogora’s extensive database of experts and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who know and trust us, we worked in collaboration with an eminent faculty to research and develop the educational handbook, tailored specifically to European hospital pharmacists.

Content was authored by thought leaders across Europe and the UK and gave invaluable insight into the disease fundamentals and burden of these debilitating conditions.

The handbook was distributed digitally via Hospital Pharmacy Europe and hosted online for six months.

Included in the hosting were two email sends, reaching 15,000+ healthcare professionals and generating a 14.7% open rate to the digital handbook and a 4.2% click through rate, compared to a benchmark of 2.1%. This contributed to over 7,400 downloads of the handbook. These emails were written and designed in-house.


  • 7,400+ handbook downloads via Hospital Pharmacy Europe

The campaign has been highly successful, with over 7,400 handbook downloads via Hospital Pharmacy Europe in six months.

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