This campaign utilised prescription trends to deliver targeted messaging about patient treatment for type 2 diabetes, chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease to HCPs.

Our approach

Data-driven strategies have the power to enhance audience engagement and deliver measurable results.

For this campaign, we integrated Cogora’s first party data with third party data to segment and target HCPs according to specific client requirements. By combining our proprietary data with NHS prescription trends, we were able to identify key areas for targeting and market expansion.

The data was analysed to highlight areas where the drug had been prescribed in the past year, as well as those where they would be looking to increase market share – perhaps to those who prescribe a competitor product.

Areas of the country were then categorised into buckets, each with different prescribing habits, allowing us to serve different ads, with different marketing messages, to each cohort.

The campaign ran across Pulse, Nursing in Practice and The Pharmacist, targeting our community of primary care clinicians – all responsible for patient prescriptions.


  • 54% uplift in click through rates

The online ads generated a 54% uplift in click through rates compared to the benchmark. This highlights the efficacy of Cogora’s Audience Platform in leveraging data-driven targeting options, reaching HCPs and delivering impactful marketing messages.

Detailed reports were shared throughout the campaign showing reach and engagement to help optimise future campaigns.

For more information about Cogora’s Audience Platform, and other targeting options, including point of care locations, clinical content, list matching, programmatic, sequential and A/B testing, contact us today.