A client working in the field of integrated diagnostic solutions provides a range of diagnostic testing equipment.

The client wanted to develop evidence compendia to support two of their diagnostic testing solutions; one was to be a new compendium and the other was an update to an existing asset developed by Cogora two years prior, which was still well used, but was no longer current.

Our approach

Cogora kickstarted the projects by crafting two comprehensive introductions, which reviewed relevant literature and detailed the current landscape of disease, clinical guidelines and the diagnostic solution that the client provides.

While Cogora were developing the copy that would establish the context of the compendia, the client was collating the literature they wished to include. Once the studies had been confirmed, Cogora and the client worked together to summarise, review, and quality- and data-check the outputs – confirming that the core points had been extracted from the literature and that they were presented accurately.

The Studio team at Cogora then began the work that would transform the copy into a dynamic and visually appealing brochure. Key findings and figures from each study were converted into engaging graphics, conveying the research through salient visual points.

Cogora collaborated with the client throughout the design stage to tweak elements and ensure the delivery of a flawless final version that aligned with their initial vision. The design stage is crucial in the creation of compendia, as the visual presentation allows the audience to assimilate the key findings of a range of studies efficiently.

While developing the compendium update for the existing asset, the Cogora team made sure to align the style of the existing piece with all new content being created to ensure consistency throughout. Although the Cogora team did not want to reinvent the wheel where it was not necessary, they did provide suggestions of small updates to the existing asset that could improve the user experience and neatly tie the new material in with the existing content.


The client was thrilled with the final versions of both compendia and have started to disseminate them to their respective audiences, with positive initial feedback.

The multipurpose nature of compendia means that the user audience can be larger than that of other more targeted assets. Compendia can be a key tool for clients, key opinion leaders and the sales team. They facilitate the dissemination of important study findings, which can sometimes be hidden behind paywalls, and allow the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the therapy area. Our client also benefited from updating an existing compendium. This update has enabled them to consolidate key findings from research into one compendium and showcase the growing research in their therapeutic area.

Compendia put science into the hands of sales and provide the relevant evidence needed for your audience’s decision making.

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