Pulse has released its investigation and analysis into the rise of the physician associates in general practice, which will be the most comprehensive review of how this new role is affecting the profession.

The rise of the physician associates

We are looking at how the increase in the number of physician associates is affecting GP recruitment, the clinical risks involved in the use of these roles and how effective they are in terms of relieving GP workload and reducing costs.

We have also undertaken a deep dive into the characteristics of practices and primary care networks that are most likely to appoint physician associates, revealing there is a strong link between how much a GP practice is funded per patient and how much they rely on physician associates.

Alongside this, we will have opinion pieces in support of their use, an editorial on the issue and first person pieces on how they are affecting the profession.

Another recent investigation from Pulse looked into sexism in general practice. Based mainly on a special survey of around 700 female and marginalised gender GPs, the four-part analysis reveals the extent to which women face abuse, harassment, casual sexist comments, hampered career progression and even burnout due to the nature of work given specifically to female GPs.