Our latest case studies look at how the Besins Hormone Academy was created to support and upskill UK primary care professionals in testosterone deficiency care, and menopausal and perimenopausal care.

Besins Hormone Academy

Working with Besins Healthcare (UK), a global market leader in the provision of men’s and women’s health and wellbeing products, Cogora first organised and hosted the Besins Menopause Roadshow 2023. This consisted of five peer-to-peer education meetings delivered in person across the UK, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Glasgow, and Newcastle.

The events sought to simplify healthcare professionals’ (HCPs’) understanding of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescribing, debunking common myths, and talking through the risks and benefits of management options in different scenarios.

We then developed the Testosterone Deficiency platform, hosting a series of educational resources, including recorded webinars and audio soundbites. The resources prioritised the goal to improve clinical confidence to identify testosterone deficiency and help men navigate this condition.

Across the Besins Hormone Academy, Cogora assumed responsibility for all aspects of concept/branding, the agenda, speaker/faculty management and liaison, content development, event logistics, website development, design of onsite materials and marketing assets, and recruitment.

Marketing was done via our media brands Pulse, Pulse PCN, Nursing in Practice and The Pharmacist, and Besins were able to stay up to date with progress via a bespoke analytics dashboard.

Check out our case studies to find out more about the Besins Menopause Roadshow and Besins Testosterone Deficiency platform.

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