Cogora has launched a unique insight report examining how major changes to the NHS landscape has impacted its audiences.

Cogora's NHS insight report

The report, released today, captures the views of healthcare professionals working across primary and secondary care, revealing how recent NHS reforms have impacted on their roles and how Cogora has adapted its brands to reflect the changes. 

To inform the report, Cogora conducted a survey of 1,800 members of its audiences to gather their views on the state of primary care, and the impact that the creation of bigger groups of GP practices known as primary care networks (PCNs) and the new commissioning groups - integrated care boards (ICBs) - has had on them.

It details what the audiences, who include senior commissioners who hold the NHS purse-strings, to the grassroot GPs and nurses delivering the reforms as well as pharmacists working in the community, think about the future of their profession and what they want to see the next Government prioritise for the NHS when they come into power in July. 

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The report’s eight chapters, written by Cogora’s director of content and the brands’ editors, combines this unique insight with their own knowledge of the sectors and sets out Cogora’s focus for its eight media brands. It reflects on its flagship brands of Pulse, Nursing in Practice and Management in Practice and how it has created new brands or changed the focus of others such as Pulse PCN, Healthcare Leader and The Pharmacist, to cater for the new breed of ICBs and PCN staff.  

It also examines how hospital consultants and department heads, as well as hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, who Cogora serves through Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe, view the current pressures in secondary care and its struggles with those working in primary care. 

Director of Content and Editorial, Gemma Collins said: “We are in a very unique position of serving such a wide primary care audience across all our brands, so we are able to provide invaluable insight into how their roles are evolving and most importantly hear directly from them about what they think about the NHS. 

“This report should help provide a temperature check to help those in industry navigating the healthcare market, and as a new Government moves in on 4 July, it also provides a snapshot of what our audiences want to see in the future as more changes to the NHS are on the horizon.”   

The survey findings will also form the basis of a report evaluating the effect of PCNs five years since they were created, which will be published on the Pulse PCN website in July. 

Read the report in full here, and for further information about how to reach our audiences of primary and secondary healthcare professionals, please contact us today.