March has been a busy month for Cogora: The Agency, with a number of new projects kicking off as others wrap up.

Cogora: The Agency

Some of the Cogora: The Agency team headed to Dubai to support their clients on-site at the 21st International Congress of Endocrinology. The educational symposia were well attended, with nearly 200 attendees across the two sessions. The sessions were also well received, with 100% of attendees stating that they would recommend the educational activity to other HCPs. The client was thrilled with the smooth delivery of the project and the successful execution of the symposia. The Agency are looking forward to supporting more educational symposia for the same client at the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), taking place in Sweden in May.

The team have continued development and refinement of an interactive care pathway to support a drug launch in the gastroenterology field. As the pathway progresses, the team are now developing leave pieces and suggesting additional ways to support the launch.

A new project will be kicking off soon, supporting the development of a NICE medical technologies guidance company evidence submission for a client working in the medical technology field. With an ambitious plan to review up to 70 articles, the team will have to expertly identify and prioritise the relevant literature and create impactful summaries for use in the evidence submission.

A value dossier refresh also kicked off this month, with the Agency team supporting the review and updating of an existing client asset. Recognising the value of not “reinventing the wheel”, the team is supporting their client in identifying new or updated literature, where it fits within the dossier and highlighting any sections that may no longer be relevant, while still maintaining existing relevant materials.

Two new assets to support GPs and nurses in understanding menopause and the role they can play in ensuring patient access to appropriate treatment were started this month. With the funding having been provided at arm’s length, the Agency team are handling all aspects of development alongside their KOLs.

The writing team have prepared yet another manuscript for publication in an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, this time on optimising patient safety through the early identification of characteristics of avoidable complications arising from the use of peripheral intravenous catheters. Submission is scheduled for April ’24. For the same client, 2024 activities have kicked off in the last week of March, with two virtual working groups. Plans are afoot for a face-to-face advisory board in early July.

A new project supporting a lecture tour series kicked off this month, supporting educational awareness on treatments for severe eosinophilic asthma. With a planned delivery in June, the team will be optimising timelines, streamlining preparations and nimbly adapting to the client need to ensure this challenging ask can be met.

Check out what the team were up to in February for more examples of how Cogora: The Agency delivers consistent value for its clients. For more information, please contact us.