June has been a productive month Cogora: The Agency with significant project progress made by the team.

Cogora: The Agency

Complex work by Cogora: The Agency continued on a nationwide lecture tour focusing on severe asthma. Content development and table redraws for the presentations are nearing completion for the first two events, creating an exciting anticipation ahead of their delivery in the coming weeks. Work is due to commence on the final plans for the remaining four events. Despite the challenging short timelines, the fantastic cross-collaboration with the Events and Studio teams at Cogora ensured efficient project progress.

Exciting progress has also been made on an interactive care pathway to guide clinicians through the initiation of an advanced medication indicated for patients with ulcerative colitis. The team conducted thorough user testing of the pathway's functionality. This novel pathway model was greatly received by the client and has been sent out to healthcare professionals for feedback.

Fundamental work was also conducted on the outline for the next deep dive article on Mycoplasma genitalium and the agenda for the Cushing’s syndrome symposia set to premier as a part of the ENEA congress in September.

The team celebrated a fantastic milestone with the publication of study in the Journal of Nursing Home Research. Another publication made significant headway this month, the team worked on the development of a manuscript on the complications associated with peripheral intravenous catheters.

A plan to present key survey data on medical oncology to key opinion leaders has moved to the next stage and the team hope to develop a publication based on the results.

The design of a new handbook for type II diabetes and chronic kidney disease was finalised this month and sent to the client for feedback. NICE also received submissions for an abridged guidance on amyloidosis treatment in cardiomyopathy and an update for the previously completed guidance on insomnia treatment with the new prescribing information.

The Agency finalised the most recent draft and designed document of the highly anticipated breast biopsy dossier. It was then sent to key opinion leaders and the medical review team. The team have also been eagerly awaiting feedback on an objection handler on alopecia areata, a handbook on managing menopause, and an interactive care pathway on pleural catheters.

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