Throughout January, Cogora: The Agency has been busy making plans for the year and kicking off 2024 with a bang.

Cogora: The Agency

The Agency have been hard at work on the preparations for the 21st International Congress of Endocrinology, taking place in Dubai in March 2024. The team have collaborated on a plethora of conference materials, liaising with therapy area experts and clients to ensure a consolidated message that speaks to the educational needs of healthcare practitioners (HCPs). The team are delighted to continue supporting the same client with their educational symposia planned for the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), taking place in Sweden in May 2024. The creative concepts will flow from one congress to the next, ensuring a consistent and clear educational message.

The team braved adverse weather conditions to join three clinical experts, a nurse, a hepatologist and radiologist, to record a short educational video on the use of peritoneal catheters in patients with malignant and non-malignant ascites. The filming session was so successful that the team are now preparing a further continuous professional development (CPD) module from the additional material discussed by the speakers on the day. The recording session also gave the team a great opportunity to sit down with the client face-to-face and discuss their goals for the next year and how the team might be able to support their growth and development strategy.

Following on from the Advisory Board meeting in December, the Agency have developed a proposed care pathway and strategic recommendations ahead of a key drug launch in the gastroenterology space. A meeting summary and the proposed next steps for developing the administrative and educational materials needed to ensure a smooth launch once approval has been received have been developed and refined with input from the expert faculty. The streamlined assets proposed aim to facilitate optimal uptake of a new therapy, giving patients greater choice in their available treatments. The team are excited to discuss the options with the client this month in a face-to-face meeting.

The results of a second Advisory Board that took place in December covering the use of a short-acting formulation of a medication used to treat abnormal growth hormone levels featured faculty from across Europe. A follow-up interview with a faculty member who could not attend the meeting on the day provided some additional insights, with an interesting discussion of older research that may be overlooked and could be revisited. The interview prompted an additional strategic suggestion for the client, which we hope to follow up with them as the year progresses.

Finally, the team are preparing a number of assets relating to the safe handling of hazardous drugs, specifically the use of carcinogens, mutagens or reprotoxic substances at work. The deadline to implement updates to an EU directive into national law across the EU is April 2024. The amendment to the directive includes more stringent protections for workers, of which employees and employers alike should be aware. Two infographics together with an educational CPD module and key paper evaluation have been developed to bring all stakeholders up to speed on this important development in occupational safety.

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