Throughout December, Cogora: The Agency has been busy wrapping up for the year and plotting the course for 2024.

Cogora: The Agency

Cogora: The Agency hit the ground running, kicking off preparations for the 21st International Congress of Endocrinology, taking place in Dubai in March 2024. The team are preparing a host of conference materials, covering symposium copy to marketing emails, and all the logistics in between. With the new year feeling close, the team are expediting their timelines to ensure everything is prepped and ready to put their best foot forward in 2024.

December has been busy for the Agency team, with two advisory boards completed. The first consisted of a series of asynchronous interviews, followed by a virtual meeting with a second set of key opinion leaders. It covered care pathways in ulcerative colitis and featured a wide variety of specialists from outside the gastroenterology field with drug class-specific knowledge relevant to the upcoming drug launch. A proposed care pathway was prepared, within a tight turnaround time, based on specialist interviews and presented to the gastroenterology panel to understand how such a pathway may be received in practice. A summary of both aspects of the project is underway and will present strategic recommendations for the administrative and educational materials needed to ensure a smooth launch once drug approval has been received. The streamlined assets proposed aim to facilitate optimal uptake of a new therapy, giving patients greater choice in their available treatments.

The second advisory board happening in December covered the use of a short-acting formulation of a medication used to treat abnormal growth hormone levels and featured faculty from across Europe. Although the insights were not what the clients were expecting to hear, they were satisfied that they had a much clearer picture of where their compound fits into the current treatment landscape, and that the advisory board was money well spent! “It is fun, interesting and nice to work with you. I like the professional way you arrange these things both behind the scenes and when client facing – you’re a wonderful team to work with!”

A whopping five scientific paper compendia are in different stages of development within the team. These assets touch on a variety of therapy areas, from the value of automating laboratory tasks to understanding management decisions in patients with ascites. Each compendium begins with a comprehensive introduction, setting the scene for readers and giving the overall context within the therapy area. Key paper summaries follow, with critical findings presented in an easy-to-follow visual format and a concise summary for the key implications of the paper.

Cogora: The Agency are developing a crash course on social media for one of their clients. Drawing on the knowledge of their colleagues in the digital marketing and design teams, the Agency will prepare a short course on tips and tricks for improving engagement and making the most out of social media.

Finally, a series of concise educational webcasts on the topic of lobular breast cancer are nearing completion, with recordings scheduled for the new year. These easily digestible pieces feature a relevant key opinion leader and will be freely available on-demand as part of an HCP awareness campaign.

Check out what the team were up to in November for more examples of how Cogora: The Agency delivers consistent value for its clients. For more information, please contact us.