Throughout November, Cogora: The Agency has been busy executing existing projects and making plans for 2024.

Cogora: The Agency

This month, Cogora: The Agency has developed a new connection with an old friend. The Agency were thrilled to reconnect with a contact who had moved to a new organisation and reached out to ask for our support on an upcoming project. The Agency are looking forward to assisting in the development of symposium materials for the 21st International Congress of Endocrinology, taking place in Dubai in March 2024 and kicking off in December.

A carefully crafted template to assist healthcare service providers to develop a business case for implementing point-of-care testing in their practice has received brilliant feedback from the client. The template provides a summary of key evidence supporting the practice change, examples of key topics to consider and instructions on building the business case.

The Agency team have been preparing for a busy December, with three upcoming advisory boards. The first will cover care pathways in ulcerative colitis and feature a wide variety of specialists from outside the gastroenterology field who possess knowledge of specific drug classes. To meet the client’s need to complete this activity before the new year despite limited faculty availability, the Agency have adapted their strategy and will feature a series of extended interviews to ensure insight can be gathered while sticking to timelines.

The second advisory board happening in December will cover the use of a short-acting formulation of a medication used to treat abnormal growth hormone levels and will feature faculty from across Europe. And thirdly we have an advisory board just four days shy of Christmas Eve, to assign 2024 projects for our fifth year of vascular access management support.

To meet with a client’s strategic marketing needs, the Agency are in the process of finalising a wide-ranging package of promotional materials relating to the placement of indwelling pleural catheters (IPC) for the management of malignant and non-malignant ascites. This suite of assets for their marketing team includes items to target healthcare providers (HCPs) at a variety of levels, as well as for distribution to patients. The patient leaflet summarises key facts and lists available resources in simple language, suitable for a lay audience, thus taking some pressure off HCPs. Two patient selection tools, one for malignant ascites and one for non-malignant ascites, have been developed to give HCPs a quick indication of patient suitability for an IPC through an easy and short checklist. The complimentary desk tool provides further information, while still remaining concise. Finally, a comprehensive compendium summarises all the key evidence supporting the use of IPCs, allowing HCPs to get up to date on important literature.

A succinct poster summarising the use of novel imaging strategies in breast cancer management was finalised this month ahead of the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium being held in December. The Agency is now working with the client to consider how the results could be expanded into a peer-reviewed publication to allow the message to reach a wider audience. In addition, a series of concise educational webcasts are under development on the topic of lobular breast cancer. These bite-sized pieces will feature a relevant key opinion leader and the recordings will be made available on-demand for free to promote HCP knowledge and understanding of breast cancer treatment.

Finally, a virtual advisory board meeting on the role of psychodermatolgists in the treatment of adolescent patients with atopic dermatitis resulted in a comprehensive discussion, summarised in a meeting report, followed by a series of strategic recommendations for educational activities to address the unmet needs identified by the expert faculty. The Agency created a package of ideas at a variety of price points on how to deliver on the outcomes of the advisory board.

Check out what the team were up to in October for more examples of how Cogora: The Agency delivers consistent value for its clients. For more information, please contact us.