Cogora: The Agency have been all go in April, with projects progressing, client meetings, and several large projects making it over the finishing line.

Cogora: The Agency

Cogora: The Agency are finalising their preparations for attending the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), taking place in Sweden next month to support a client in delivering two educational symposia. The timelines have been tight, and the team have needed to be flexible to work around the deadlines of the speakers. The team are making a final push to get all assets finalised and approved for smooth sailing at the event. In parallel, the team have just agreed to support the same client at the 21st Congress of the European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA) in Seville in September, making it the third event this year for which the Agency will support this client.

Some of the team have set off to Barcelona to attend the 34th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) to support a client in gleaning all relevant information from this large and packed event. The team will attend key presentations and create impactful summaries for the client to distribute to colleagues.

The team have continued development and refinement of an interactive care pathway to support a drug launch in the gastroenterology field. The pathway is now progressing from the copy stage to the technical development stage and the team is excited to watch it come together. The team are also developing a leave piece to provide a quick overview of the medication and direct HCPs to the pathway to aid their decision making.

After a huge effort from both the Agency and the client, three comprehensive compendia that focus on integrated diagnostic solutions were completed and signed off in April. Two of the compendia were new assets; the third was an update of an existing compendium that the client had been using successfully for 3 years, to which they wanted to add emerging publications. This refresh approach brought the asset up to date, maintaining its usefulness to the client without reinventing the wheel and providing best value for the client.

The team had a successful face-to-face meeting with a long-standing client to discuss the results of a survey the Agency had conducted on their behalf. With over 500 responses from a variety of HCPs across Europe, the client is keen to develop a manuscript, with the Agency’s support, to share these interesting results. Two other papers for the same client are ongoing, with one about to be submitted and another returning from peer review for minor amends ahead of acceptance. The team is also planning a face-to-face advisory board for the same client in early July.

A project supporting a lecture tour series planned for late June has been progressing this month, with the team helping to focus on details to ensure smooth progression and finalising the campaign branding. The team and the client agreed that the events needed to speak to the specific needs of each of the individual stops on the tour while still covering similar themes overall. The team created a core agenda for the series, which has now been adapted to suit the needs of each of the four tour stops, reflecting the day-to-day challenges for HCPs in those areas.

The team have been hard at work developing two assets to support GPs and nurses in understanding menopause and the role they can play in ensuring patient access to appropriate treatment. With the funding having been provided at arm’s length, the Agency team are managing all aspects of development alongside their KOLs. The KOLs have been thoroughly impressed with the high-quality draft materials produced by the team and the client are looking forward to seeing the final versions, which will be shared with the target audience via Pulse and Nursing in Practice.

Just a few examples of how Cogora: The Agency delivers consistent value for its clients. For more information, please contact us.

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