ThermoFisher sought to engage with our unique audience of 200,000 chief executives and departmental directors across Europe to help drive traffic to their site covering a range of valuable educational resources.

As the official media brand for the European Hospital Healthcare Federation (HOPE – www.HOPE.be), Hospital Healthcare Europe sits at the heart of a highly engaged, pan-European community, serving private and public hospitals across 32 EU member states.

hospitalhealthcare.com is designed around a series of Clinical Zones, making it easy for secondary care professionals to find relevant content on their specific areas of expertise. Plus, since all previous Hospital Healthcare Europe issues are archived on the site, visitors can access a huge depth of content, regardless of when it was published.

Our approach

To drive traffic to ThermoFisher’s resources, three main activities took place:

  1. Cogora’s in-house Design team created online ads for ThermoFisher, which displayed across com and on specific sponsored clinical zones.
  2. ThermoFisher sponsored five clinical zones, allowing their branding and messaging to be seen alongside our editorial content, reaching secondary healthcare professionals interested in those therapy areas.
  3. Cogora designed bespoke emails, whereby the content was targeted to specific EU individuals according to their disciplines: C-suite and senior directorial individuals, Heads of Allergy, Heads of Pathology, Heads of Rheumatology, Heads of Paediatrics and Heads of Gastroenterology.


The bespoke emails saw remarkable engagement with an average click through rate of 45%, and the tailored content and therapy specific newsletters, resulted in a significant increase in traffic to the clinical zones.