Our client wanted Cogora to identify what online sites HCPs visit most frequently, specifically during COVID-19 times and to see how their company and one of their products is perceived as well as its exposure.

Our approach

After aligning with the client on specific key terms of interest in their chosen therapy area, we designed web scrapers for social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and general web through Google to extrapolate conversations mentioned by healthcare professionals and patients during COVID-19 and define major activity sites.

From these we measured the ‘mention rate’, ‘sentiment’ and ‘impressions’ in different topics and sites.


Compiled into an interactive data tool, we produced a report that highlighted each key term basis:

  • Key topics of interest from the community during COVID-19 and the context of discussion
  • Most commonly used hashtags
  • Top active and influential profiles in social media
  • Top websites based on traffic and mentions
  • How frequent key terms have been searched in a time & geographical basis

These outcomes have allowed our client to strategically plan their marketing during COVID-19 with the most effective phrasing, timings, and influence to partner up with major groups of healthcare professionals and patient advocates to drive engagement from the community.