Having built a strong person-centred culture and staff living and breathing a set of shared values, QCS is also a company that has enjoyed exponential growth during the pandemic. In addition to providing best practice to content to over 100,000 healthcare professionals, it is seeking to break into new sectors in new geographies.

Our approach

So how has Pulse and Management in Practice helped to make a difference? Using our unmatched industry knowledge combined with our audience reach, we are able to communicate effectively with healthcare audiences, designing and delivering solutions that are both compelling and competitive. Our audiences can be targeted and reached in a variety of effective ways, to maximise budget and ensure optimum efficiency in the optimisation of the campaign, we proceeded with the following tactics. 

Kicking off the campaign in June 2020, we began marketing QCS via Management in Practice, our market-leading brand serving an engaged audience of over 5,000 practice managers in the UK. This included run of site advertising and sponsorship of the CQC zone, giving the client 100% share of voice advertising across our relevant editorial content. To date, these ad placements have delivered over 118,000 impressions with a click through rate of 0.16%, driving traffic to the client’s website, exceeding our target benchmark of 0.05%. 

We also targeted our audience of practice managers via engaging monthly bespoke emails, with specific messaging to ensure maximum engagement. The tactic paid off, with emails generating an average open rate of 11.4% and an impressive click through rate of 30%, significantly above our benchmark of 3.2%, resulting in a number of free trial requests for QCS.

Throughout the campaign, QCS hosted a sponsored hub on Management in Practice, and monthly sponsored articles to the CQC zone, giving it an industry-leading  platform to engage and inform potential clients in the most effective way possible. These sponsored articles included monthly podcasts, with engagements well exceeding the client’s goal of 50 listens per month.

Given this success, later in November, we began running advertising for QCS via Pulse to help further support the campaign. PulseToday generates almost one million page views from GPs every month, making it a great option for clients like QCS, who are able to further add to their GP audience. Tactics included run of site advertising, delivering 100,000 impressions and a click through rate of 0.8%, which drove traffic to their sponsored hub hosted on Pulse. To ensure high levels of engagement, sponsored pages are also promoted via our editorial newsletters and across the site.

Needing their message to reach a fully engaged and responsive audience, we ensured it was delivered in the best possible way, with unrivalled efficiency.


  • 30% email click through rate 
  • 218,000 ad impressions 

The activities have supported an increasing in sales and inbound customer queries. The success of the increase of QCS brand exposure for has resulted in a rebooking for H2 2021. Using our industry knowledge, Cogora were able to help shape a campaign, giving maximum return on investment.

Jessica Vella-Bone, QCS’s Marketing Manager, said of the collaboration, “QCS’s GP Practice division has grown from strength to strength over the last few years. It prides itself in providing professionals on the front lines with the content tools they need to make a genuine difference to the lives of their patents. While QCS already has a loyal GP following, it’s relationship with Cogora Media has proved fruitful in helping the GP content team to reach an even bigger audience. That, for us, is the biggest gain.”