Developing a patient app

Adolescent patients with cystinosis are at risk of being lost to follow-up as they transition into adult care. Cogora: The Agency developed an app for patients with cystinosis as they transition into adult care. 

Developing a patient app


Our client wished to target these patients and to create a platform that would encourage patient empowerment, improve compliance and to track their health over time.

Our approach

Cogora designed and built a patient app to target the adolescent demographic. Our database of trusted experts and key opinion leaders were then called on to help review the app and provide feedback. The app includes many features of a cystinosis’ patient’s medical care to offer better continuity of care for patients transitioning to adult, independent care.


The app launched in mid-October 2020; with this we hope to improve follow-up care and offer support to this group of patients transitioning to becoming responsible for their own care and gaining independence.