To support Becton Dickinson in improving the perceived image the organisation’s Medical Affairs team both internally and externally. This is to provide the Medical Affairs team a voice to their purpose and mission of the team, a substantiated and sustainable branding, and communications plan to the wider organisation.

Our approach

We conducted a survey to gain a better understanding of the Medical Affairs team positioning within Becton Dickinson. This was followed by three workshops and bimonthly progression catch ups.

The themes of the workshops were:

  • Purpose and mission: exploring what the team experiences as their purpose and mission and identifying the value that the team brings to different stakeholders.
  • Value and branding strategy: building to the team’s purpose, quantify what “value” means to our stakeholders and understand how this is measured.
  • Culture and behaviours: agreeing on the team’s behaviours that would deliver value according to the set out team’s purpose, pre-empting and mitigating barriers that could get in the way and confirming action plans to deliver on communication of the team.


The workshops conducted by Cogora resulted in a profound understanding about how the organisation perceives the value of the Medical Affairs team. We were then able to identify the goals and gaps within the team and highlight a clear plan for Becton Dickinson to consistently communicate the values and clarity about how to measure the value that is provided to stakeholders.