The Pharmacist recently conducted a survey to our community of pharmacists, to gain an insight into the current mood within the sector.


Based on nearly 200 responses from community and practice-based pharmacists across the UK, we revealed that more than half of our respondents would consider strike action or withdrawing their services, 71% thought pay was inadequate and three-quarters said they experienced abuse from patients at least once or twice a month.

Meanwhile, half of community pharmacist respondents reported working overtime every week or nearly every week.

We also asked respondents about their capacity to deliver Pharmacy First, before the launch date and details were announced.

More than six in 10 community pharmacists responding to our survey said that they would have the capacity to deliver a common conditions service in England this winter.

And with increasing numbers of pharmacists training as prescribers, including all newly qualified pharmacists from 2026, our survey also highlighted that independent prescribing training for the existing workforce is one of the biggest challenges facing the profession, with respondents ranking it above workforce challenges, medicines shortages, funding and training the next generation of community pharmacists.

Stories from The Pharmacist survey were based on 187 responses in total:

  • 81% from England, 9% from Scotland, 4% from Wales, 6% from Northern Ireland
  • 19% (36 respondents) were community pharmacy owners, 35% (65) were employed community pharmacists, 21% (39) were locum community pharmacists, 12% (22) were pharmacists working in both community and general practice, and 12% (23) were practice or PCN-based pharmacists.

Leaders from across the sector also provided commentary on our findings.

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