Across our media brands, clients can host sponsored content. These pages can be a simple hosted PDFs, or more bespoke builds with multiple tabs, and can include a variety of content.

Sponsored pages

The primary objective of a sponsored hub is to disseminate educational content effectively across our media platforms, thereby enhancing its outreach to a broader audience. These hubs can be hosted on Pulse, Nursing in Practice, The Pharmacist, Management in Practice, Healthcare Leader, Hospital Healthcare Europe, or Hospital Pharmacy Europe.

Sponsored hubs can take the form of either straightforward hosted PDFs or more intricately designed structures with up to six tabs. They have the capacity to incorporate a diverse array of content elements, ranging from text, videos, podcasts, and images to hosted materials.

Copy can either be written by our Cogora: The Agency team or can be supplied by the client. Our design and development teams are then tasked with the challenge of presenting this content in a compelling and user-friendly manner, ensuring optimal compatibility across both desktop and mobile devices.

We first start by identifying the key features, functionalities, and design preferences, before creating wireframes to outline the basic layout and structure of the page. We define navigation menus and use pathways to ensure a seamless user experience, and focus on the placement of key elements, content sections, and calls-to-action. Your brand identity, colour schemes and overall aesthetics are applied before design mock-ups are presented to stakeholders. Once approved, our team will build the page, following core UX principles.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure high levels of engagement for hosted content, we include a range of organic traffic drivers within sponsored hub projects, to help HCPs access and engage with your content. This includes promotion via our editorial newsletters and across the website, accounting for up to 40% of traffic.

Clients are kept up to date with performance of the sponsored content metrics via monthly campaign engagement reports.

For the opportunity to host your content on one of our sites, reaching our community of healthcare professionals, please contact us today.