Pulse’s April/May magazine 'Screening by the backdoor' looked into the issue of unofficial screening, and the effect it has on patients and GPs.

Screening by the backdoor

Pulse's 'Screening by the backdoor' issue investigated the various ways that screening was creeping in, through private companies and charities offering health checks to over-the-counter testing kits to the NHS introducing incentive schemes that didn’t have the approval of the National Screening Committee.

Alongside this, we are introducing our new series on overdiagnosis, and what GPs need to watch out for. We kick off the series with a look at breast cancer screening.

Elsewhere, we reveal the winners of our Writing Competition. We had a superb standard of more than 50 entries. The winning entry recalled a case they would never forget, and asked whether their patient would still be alive had it happened in the current NHS.

We have a special Working Life feature this month, following a GP who has been helping in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

Finally, in the clinical section, we answer GPs’ key questions on cystic fibrosis and give tips on gynaecology referrals.

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