Pulse has launched an exciting writing competition to find a new blogger to entertain our readers of GPs.

Pulse Writing competition

The Pulse Writing Competition looks to find a new blogger to become one of our columnists. Editor, Jaimie Kaffash, explains how Pulse has, and has had, some wonderful columnists.

Copperfield never fails to make me laugh (even though he is the source of 90% of the complaints we receive from the public). But what really makes me appreciate his brilliance is when I realise that I’ve been tricked into absorbing his opinions and then thinking they are my own. (The number of times I’ve made what I think is a strong argument, only to find out Copperfield did it before me is a source of contention between us.)’

Nabi, maybe more than anyone, has hammered home the reality of life for grassroots doctors, the feelings of working 13-hour days only to have patients shouting abuse, and how that affects the GP as an individual.

Katie Musgrave is brilliant at putting forward contrary opinions in a way that influences even those who disagree with her. And David Turner’s columns can be brutal (like today’s!) but always show compassion behind some brilliant arguments.

Each one of these columnists – and the very many who came before them – have had an effect on other GPs and GP leaders.

The team are now looking for a new blogger through the Pulse writing competition. We are asking our community of GPs to apply by writing 600 works on one of the following themes:

  • The case I’ll never forget
  • An hour with the health secretary

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