Pulse PCN’s latest roundtable launches today bringing clinical directors and pharmacists together to discuss structured medication reviews (SMRs).  

Pulse PCN’s roundtable

Pulse PCN’s roundtables examine the core tasks PCNs must deliver as part of the PCN Network DES and the challenges and opportunities this work brings.

Explore 10 thought-provoking roundtables covering topics such as covid vaccination, population health management and early cancer diagnosis, highlighting the thoughts of clinical directors from across England.

In this latest roundtable, sponsored by GSK, clinical directors and pharmacists from PCNs in Gloucestershire, Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire, London and Hampshire give their opinions on SMRs, their recent removal from the impact and investment fund (IIF) incentive scheme and of the wider role of PCN clinical pharmacists.

Editor Victoria Vaughan says: ‘The tensions between community and PCN pharmacy are an issue at the moment, so it was really interesting to hear how this is playing out at a PCN level.

‘Clearly the SMRs and their now former targets leave a lot to be desired and GPs and pharmacists detail their concerns in this topical discussion.

‘This is another great read as part of our roundtable series giving readers and leaders direct insight into the thoughts of those clinicians running PCNs.’

Pulse PCN’s roundtable series is part of our comprehensive offering for our community of primary care network (PCN) clinical directors and their teams. And they are now hosted on a new Pulse PCN roundtable hub making it easier to access these great clinician-led debates.

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