The Pulse PCN Cardiovascular Disease roundtable brings clinical directors and cardiovascular leads together to discuss how networks are delivering on this service specification.

Pulse PCN Roundtable

Pulse PCN’s cardiovascular disease roundtable sees six leading GPs from Cheshire, Leicestershire and London discuss the success and challenges in improving hypertension case finding and work in diagnosing familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH).

Pulse PCN editor Victoria Vaughan says: ‘This roundtable shows how GPs are changing the way services are delivered to actively find hypertensive patients and treat them before the situation potentially escalates to a heart attack or stroke.

‘The examples from delegates at the discussion show how PCNs and GP practices are, in some areas, moving away from a sickness service to a prevention service – a popular idea among policy makers as a sustainable way to maintain the NHS.

‘We’ve also released this roundtable now in support of the British Heart Foundation’ s heart health month which encourages everyone to learn CPR in 15 minutes for free. ‘

Pulse PCN’s quarterly roundtables examine the core tasks PCNs must deliver as part of the PCN Network DES and the challenges and opportunities this work brings.

Explore 12 thought provoking roundtables covering topics such as structured medication reviews, covid vaccination and early cancer diagnosis highlighting the thoughts of clinical directors from across England.

Pulse PCN’s roundtable series is part of our comprehensive offering for our community of primary care network (PCN) clinical directors and their teams. And they are now hosted on a new Pulse PCN roundtable hub making it easier to access these great clinician-led debates.

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