Pulse PCN Autumn 2023 takes a look at the fabled integrated neighbourhood team – what they are, what they should be, and who’s running them.

Pulse PCN Autumn 2023 issue

Those leading the charge at NHS Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland talk to Pulse PCN about how they’ve formed their PCNs into neighbourhood teams, and why the integrated care board has decided to lead on PCNs’ futures.

Clinical directors speak in Pulse PCN Autumn 2023 about how their integrated neighbourhood teams – or lack thereof – are coming together without any formal blueprint.

Elsewhere, the National Academy for Social Prescribing’s chief executive, Charlotte Osborn-Forde, speaks about the evidence behind this popular addition to the GP practice workforce.

Six PCN leads from across the country came together for the roundtable to discuss progress on enhanced health in care homes and the measures which have improved the lives of clinicians, carers and patients in a lively discussion about the future of the service.

And a PCN in Northumberland details its ongoing pilot to help its fisherman population access healthcare as they are often offshore during practice opening hours.

To catch up with the latest PCN news and hear from clinical directors across England read the full issue here.

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