Congratulations to Pulse Editor, Jaimie Kaffash, who was awarded Editor of the Year by the Professional Publishers Association!

Three nominations at the PPA Awards

The judges said Jaimie had ‘demonstrated excellent journalism and demonstrable commercial success’.

‘This editor plays a huge part in highlighting important issues and consistently puts out relevant content for the readers.’

Jaimie said: ‘This is a recognition of the team, first and foremost. I have been in awe of how they have managed to produce so much incredible work throughout the pandemic.

‘It is a pleasure to continue editing a magazine for such an engaged and smart audience, who are so willing to highlight problems and injustices in the health service – and occasionally what is going well! – and tell us when we get things right and wrong.’

Pulse was nominated for a further three awards at the PPA Awards: Media Brand of the Year (business), Innovation of the Year (Pulse PCN) and Cover of the Year. The PPA Awards seeks to celebrate the work and achievements made across the UK publishing and media industry since the start 2021.