To help promote the variety of news, views and clinical content from Pulse, Pulse Daily newsletters have been updated, with a new template and schedule – contributing to an increase in engagement and website traffic.

Pulse Daily newsletters

Pulse Daily newsletters will now be sent to our community of GPs twice a day, Monday to Friday, one lunchtime send at 12pm, and one evening send at 6pm. There will also be new Saturday edition. The redesigned newsletter templates are now shorter, bite-size updates with the latest news, views and clinical content from Pulse.

Since launching at the start of March, we have seen a significant 80% increase in website traffic generated from newsletters.

Pulse sits at the heart of a highly engaged and loyal audience of GPs. Over its long history, the brand has evolved their offering to provide an indispensable and comprehensive range of trusted content that meets the needs of all GPs.

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