We are thrilled to announce the results of our recent Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 user feedback survey, demonstrating fantastic levels of engagement and interest in both platforms.

365 survey

Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 are centralised learnings hubs for our community of GPs and primary care nurses to fulfil their learning requirements. Choosing from a mix of bite-sized, interactive, and longer-form content spanning over 20 clinical areas, users can choose content to consume depending on their preferences and time.

A recent survey to users revealed that 91% of respondents find Nursing in Practice 365 good/very good/highly valuable and 88% of respondents find Pulse 365 good/very good/highly valuable.

The survey found that both Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 users enjoy the quality and relevance of the content, wide range of topics, and convenient access to free CPD education, with over 70% using the platforms weekly to help keep their clinical knowledge up to date.

User testimonials have been extremely positive:

  • ‘It’s online, easy access. Various topics are covered - you can choose depending on your interest and time. Very useful and I would highly recommend it.’ – Pulse 365 user
  • ‘So informative, educational and relevant to my role, which then enhances my practice, skills and knowledge, for which my patients benefit from’ – Nursing in Practice 365 user
  • ‘CPD available, live or on demand, to work around clinics busy schedules. Informative sessions with well-presented speakers and content’ – Pulse 365 user

Across both platforms, our CPD modules are written by primary care experts, and are accessible in article, case based and video formats. This variety of formats is seen as a benefit for our users, with the survey revealing that both Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 users prefer a mix of short-form (0.5-1 CPD hour) and long-form content (e.g. 1.5 – 2 CPD modules) when consuming CPD education modules.

Findings highlighted key clinical areas of focus for CPD in the next 12 months, with respiratory being the top priority for Nursing in Practice 365 users and women’s health for Pulse 365 users.

Other important areas of CPD focus include diabetes and endocrinology, cardiology, and sexual health and gynaecology, as well as dermatology for Pulse 365 users and women’s health for Nursing in Practice 365 users.

Additionally, over 50% of respondents would be interested in consuming non-clinical leadership and management learning modules, with over 40% interested in career development modules.

Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 offer clients a unique way to target a large pool of primary care clinicians. Please contact us for more information about our CPD platforms, and available sponsorship packages.

About the survey

An online survey was carried out among Pulse 365 and Nursing in Practice 365 users in February 2024, with 283 and 143 respondents respectively. This was done to gather insight into how our community use the sites, and what their learning preferences are.