We’re pleased to announce the launch of Nursing in Practice 365, our new education platform for UK primary care and community nurses, brought to you by Nursing in Practice.

Nursing in Practice 365

Following the Covid-19 lockdowns, our audience became accustomed to the convenience and effectiveness of online learning. A ‘hybrid’ offering for events and online education has been universally welcomed by our audience and this is where Nursing in Practice 365 comes into its own.

Designed to give easy access to the best CPD and professional educational content in a variety of formats, Nursing in Practice 365 allows nurses to learn anytime, anywhere.

A mix of bite-sized, interactive and longer-form content spans over 27 clinical areas, meeting users’ preferences and time available. Relevant and constantly updated, content is presented in a variety of formats: CPD modules, virtual seminars, on-demand sessions, and in-person events; with tools to help nurses to plan their engagement throughout the year: ‘save favourites’, ‘track progress’, ‘add to calendar’, and more.

It's sister platform Pulse 365, which launched in 2022, provides a similar educational offering for GPs.

For further information about Nursing in Practice 365 and the advertising opportunities available including virtual event sponsorship and online content hosting, please contact Nick Hayward at [email protected].

Pulse 365 offers GPs access to our face-to-face events, virtual events, CPD learning modules and our community.