Management in Practice’s newly launched Salary Survey 2023 has revealed the extensive level of responsibilities GP practice managers hold – and the size of the budgets they control.

Management in Practice’s Salary Survey

More than half (51%) of Management in Practice’s Salary Survey’s 975 respondents said they are responsible for practice budgets exceeding £1 million, while 18% are in charge of budgets of more than £2 million.

Just under a tenth (8%) look after budgets bigger than £2.5 million, initial findings from the 2023 Practice Manager Salary Survey have shown.

Practice managers also reported having a very broad job remit, with responsibilities that encompass decisions on purchasing; growing practice revenue; shaping business strategy; and managing teams.

Practice manager respondents reported their main responsibilities as including:

  • line management and supervision of the practice’s non-clinical team (74%)
  • maximising finances and funding streams (73%)
  • setting policies and procedures (71%)
  • recruitment (68%)
  • HR policy and admin (67%)
  • CQC inspection preparation (66%)
  • meeting QOF targets (62%)
  • generating new or non-NHS incomes (62%)
  • line management of clinical teams, including GP partners (54%)
  • procurement of professional services (such as accounting, legal etc. (52%)
  • purchasing office consumables (46%)
  • purchasing IT business platforms, systems and software (45%)
  • purchasing medical supplies, including drugs, instruments and vaccines (43%).

Our survey results also highlighted the size of surgeries practice managers are working in. The biggest group (42%) are in practices with a patient list size of between 10,001 and 20,000. A total of 39% are in practices with a list size of between 5,001 and 10,000. And 10% work in surgeries with a list size of between 20,001 and 30,001.

Meanwhile, 37% manage multi-site practices. Of those respondents, 53% manage between 2 and 4 sites. A total of 15% manage 11 to 15 sites, 16% manage 8 to 10 sites and 3% manage 16 to 20 sites.

More results from Management in Practice’s Salary Survey, including on practice manager salary levels and job satisfaction will be released shortly.

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About the survey:

An online survey was carried out among Management in Practice readers based in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland between 13 June and 16 July 2023, and had 975 respondents. Only non-partner practice managers based in permanent roles (part-time or full-time) were allowed to participate.