In 2023 we launched our first Clinical Excellence Events in partnership with Hospital Healthcare Europe and Hospital Pharmacy Europe. This year we are expanding the portfolio to four events in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Care. 

HHE Clinical Excellence

Both respiratory and cardiology are clinical areas that benefit and thrive from the work of multidisciplinary teams; therefore, the audience will comprise key opinion leaders across all relevant professions. 

We aim to provide high-quality clinical events to our audience where the speakers will represent Centres of Excellence across the UK and Europe. Healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to learn from colleagues in different hospitals and departments, ultimately improving clinical outcomes for patients. 

The HHE Clinical Excellence content will highlight: 

  • New advances in technologies such as diagnostic imaging 
  • Clinical advances within targeted therapies and stroke care
  • Developments in new medications and techniques for treating patients 
  • Benefits and challenges that our medical professionals are facing across the UK

The HHE Clinical Excellence Events enable the audience to gain knowledge from leading clinical professionals, ask questions and provide evaluation of the content. Each event follows the successful launch of the Cardiology and Respiratory Zones on Hospital Healthcare Europe, which respectively focus on these ever-important areas of clinical development. 

Each event will comprise a full day of CPD-accredited content, with the possibility of sponsorship workshops, allowing the audience to discover new technologies, medications and opportunities. 

Please contact us today to discuss sponsorship opportunities.