Healthcare Leader’s latest roundtable is out now, bringing together system leaders and experts to discuss the inclusion health groups.

Healthcare Leader’s roundtables look at the core issues facing NHS leaders at integrated care boards (ICBs), the challenges they face, the solutions they’ve found and their plans for the future.

Inclusion health groups cover people who are socially excluded, who typically experience multiple overlapping risk factors for poor health, such as poverty, violence and complex trauma.

This includes people who experience homelessness, drug and alcohol dependence, vulnerable migrants, Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities, sex workers, people in contact with the justice system and victims of modern slavery.

People belonging to inclusion groups tend to have very poor health outcomes, often much worse than the general population and a lower average age of death.

Clinical leaders from NHS Norfolk and Waveney and NHS Frimley discuss their approaches to caring for inclusion health groups in this roundtable.

Editor Victoria Vaughan says: ‘Integrated care systems have been asked to choose which populations they will focus on when it comes to the ‘plus’ bit of Core20PLUS5, the NHS England approach to reduce health inequalities. Both ICB areas discuss their work around asylum seekers and the unique challenges this population faces and where ICBs can have a positive impact.’

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In July 2022, clinical commissioning groups were dissolved, and their staff were transferred into ICBs. This change was made to shift the way of working from competition to collaboration and bring health and care together. The ICB aims are better health for everyone, better care for all, efficient use of NHS resources, and to enhance the NHS contribution to social and economic regeneration.

ICBs represent the NHS in the wider integrated care partnerships as part of the integrated care systems.

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