Healthcare Leader’s first roundtable has now launched, bringing together system leaders and experts to discuss the urgent matter of creating a sustainable workforce.

Healthcare Leader’s first roundtable

Healthcare Leader’s roundtables look at the core issues facing the new NHS leaders at integrated care boards (ICBs), the challenges they face, the solutions they’ve found and their plans for the future.

Leaders from Somerset and Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes ICBs discuss competing with large employers such as Amazon and Lidl for staff and actions they’ve taken to address the workforce challenge, such as setting up training hubs and courses.

Editor Victoria Vaughan says: ‘These roundtables will provide a valuable insight into the work of the ICBs which are not yet a year old and are often not yet well understood by the wider NHS.

‘In this workforce roundtable, NHS leaders articulate their aims and solutions to the NHS workforce challenge, which has never been so acute given the strikes from both nurses and junior doctors and competition for staff from retail chains.

‘Leaders explain that sitting at a system level and working in partnership with local authorities and the voluntary sector means they can look at health and care staff across a whole area and work strategically to plan their future populations.’

Healthcare Leader’s roundtable series broadens the intelligence offering for integrated care boards, including news, views, features and reports.

The roundtables also feature on our new ICB Hub, which highlights the latest developments in each NHS region along with key ICB facts. The next roundtable will cover tackling health inequalities.

In July last year, clinical commissioning groups were dissolved, and their staff were transferred into ICBs. This change was made to shift the way of working from competition to collaboration and bring health and care together. The ICB aims are better health for everyone, better care for all, efficient use of NHS resources, and to enhance the NHS contribution to social and economic regeneration.

ICBs represent the NHS in the wider integrated care partnerships as part of the integrated care systems.

Healthcare Leader aims to support NHS system leaders in taking forward their strategies for the future of health and social care in their places and neighbourhoods.

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