Since concluding the 2023 HCM Academy programme, the on-demand case studies have been generating fantastic engagement and feedback.

HCM Academy

Brought to you by PCM Scientific, our CME division, HCM Academy programme offers independent medical education, surrounding diagnosis and best practice care for patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM).

After running a primary and secondary care webinar series, with the support of our international faculty and steering committee members, a series of on-demand case studies are now avaialble, offering impactful education on diagnosis and best practice care and management of HCM.

Although common, HCM is often under-diagnosed and under-managed, significantly worsening the outcomes for patients and profoundly impacting their lives and their families. Obtaining a diagnosis and can be challenging and careful management, including shared decision-making, are needed for patients with HCM.

The level of engagement, learner feedback and education impact from these case studies has been outstanding.

All users reported that they would recommend this educational event to other healthcare providers. This feedback demonstrates that the education not only enhances knowledge but also impactful in management and practice with expressions of appreciation such as “Great educational activity!”, and “Excellent activity!”.

The on-demand case studies are designed to raise disease awareness and knowledge of HCM, as well as provide practical guidance for achieving a differential diagnosis for HCM via real patient cases.

The complimentary case studies were presented and discussed by our international leading experts from US and Europe in line with the corresponding online CME webinars. All six secondary care case studies are now available to watch on-demand for free.