Cogora: The Agency in September led an advisory board of nurses and pharmacists at the top of their game, from throughout the United States.

Cogora: The Agency

The advisory board was in a deep-dive of the technological and communication innovations necessary to assure clinicians and patients alike of the exemplary safety standards of home care oncology infusions.

This followed similar Cogora: The Agency activities in the UK and EU in 2021 and 2022, in a range of therapeutic areas, driven by COVID, the green agenda and a heightened emphasis on patient-centred care.

When is a KOL not a KOL?

The team is also is developing a strategy for raising awareness among client sales staff of the differences between key opinion leaders and company advocates. Both are necessary, but fill different company needs at different stages of product development and marketing. Education in their recruitment, management and retention is fundamental to a company’s enduring relationship with these key players.

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