Throughout August, Cogora: The Agency has continued to reap the benefits of the time and effort it invests into project execution and nurturing of strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies.  The Agency has secured organic growth on several projects this month.  

Cogora: The Agency

Initial work on a suite of assets supporting the needs of healthcare professionals (HCPs) in their care of patients with pleural effusion has expanded within the same business unit to tools, events and educational assets in ascites management, brachytherapy, vascular access and transperineal prostate (TP) biopsy. The evidence compendium for transperineal prostate biopsies is in medical review and very nearly at the design stage. The relationship with the TP team flourishes with talks of activities extending into 2024. 

What initially started out as an advisory board soon became a steering committee/working group model for alopecia. Not forgetting the continued development of the much-anticipated PULSE and HHE inserts which aim to provide bitesize education for HCPs on the identification and management of alopecia areata. The team's continued performance and positive relationship with the alopecia clientele have since been extended by internal referral to dermatology and rheumatology cost departments.   

An advisory board on microinfusion pumps has grown to encompass a peer-reviewed publication, an infographic, and a series of webcasts. The Agency is busy planning how to deliver content on the top ten safety recommendations for advancing patient safety when using syringe pump systems for microinfusion intravenous (I.V.) drug therapy.  

An extensive network within one company, with many business units in the UK and Europe, has now extended into the US. The team have made their travel plans and pulled together extensive research in preparation for an exciting US Advisory Board in September. The Agency are hopeful that the connections made through this transatlantic meeting will lead to the development of recommendations from the clinical faculty which Cogora can facilitate. 

Finally, a carefully crafted handbook on severe asthma has received wonderful feedback and is due to run in the autumn Nursing in Practice following the PULSE and digital launch earlier this summer.  

Just a few examples of how Cogora: The Agency delivers consistent value for its clients. For more information, please contact us